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Maintenance Costs for Electric Cars Compared to Gas

July 14, 2021 1:58 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Thinking about switching from a gas-powered car to an electric car? Many people wonder what the cost of routine care for electric cars will be. Right now, electric cars are typically more expensive than a gas-powered vehicle. However, there are federal tax rebates that can help bring down the cost—and experts predict that the cost of electric batteries will go down in the near future. Here’s what you can expect to pay when you own an electric vehicle. Fuel or electricity costs Depending on where you live, the cost of gas can be astronomical—in some places, it’s reaching $6 per... View Article

Will the United States Phase Out Gas-Powered Vehicles?

February 17, 2020 9:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

For as long as the automobile has existed, the United States has prided itself on being a nation of car drivers. As a country, we’re big and spread out, but our highway system makes it a breeze to travel 3,000 miles coast to coast. Our cities are even built for drivers. Now, however, that image of gas engines roaring down the open road is facing some resistance. Around the world, governments are enacting plans to not only support the creation and purchase of electric vehicles, but to actively ban gasoline engines. With the tide turning against traditional automobiles, it begs... View Article