Emergency Roadside Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Emergency Roadside AssistanceBreaking down on the side of the road isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time, so when you have the right emergency roadside assistance in your time of need in Salt Lake City, UT, it can make a big difference in your experience of being stranded on the roadside.

If you want to get the most out of your emergency roadside help, we recommend a few key tips for preparing for when the tow truck gets there.

Get as far away from traffic as possible

Emergency Roadside AssistanceMove your vehicle over as soon as you recognize a problem. The quicker you act, the more likely you will get to a safe area before your car breaks down. If you can get off the road, do so in the case of a vehicle having a severe problem. For the safety of yourself and your car, we recommend veering as far from traffic as you can.

Take safety precautions

Emergency Roadside AssistanceImprove visibility by turning on hazard lights or using flares, a warning light, or another warning signal to alert others to your vehicle.

Although strangers might stop to help and seem kind, be wary of accepting help from anyone you don’t know.

Unless someone is a professional, such as the police or the towing company, or a friend or family member, there is no way of knowing their true intention. If you must talk to a stranger, crack the window slightly to hear them, and don’t be afraid to call law enforcement if someone is threatening you or making you feel unsafe.

Know when to call a professional

Emergency Roadside Assistance

Not all towing companies can tow semi-trucks. Thus, there are vital qualities you should look for in a towing company. Some of these qualities include:
Although someone might have non-professional experience fixing minor car problems, it’s easy to underestimate the severity of a problem with an untrained eye. Getting a trained mechanic involved early in the issue is important to avoid worsening the problem and staying stuck longer.

When you break down, towing the vehicle to a professional mechanic’s shop and getting off the side of the road is the best course of action. Emergency roadside help is available any time, so you don’t need to go through this alone.

While it might be stressful to break down on the side of the road, there is compassionate, speedy emergency assistance and towing services (including semi-truck heavy-duty towing) in the Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, and West Valley City, UT area at AMR Auto Repair & Towing. Don’t wait to contact us if you or someone you know is stuck on the side of the road!