Will the United States Phase Out Gas-Powered Vehicles?

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For as long as the automobile has existed, the United States has prided itself on being a nation of car drivers. As a country, we’re big and spread out, but our highway system makes it a breeze to travel 3,000 miles coast to coast. Our cities are even built for drivers. Now, however, that image of gas engines roaring down the open road is facing some resistance. Around the world, governments are enacting plans to not only support the creation and purchase of electric vehicles, but to actively ban gasoline engines.

With the tide turning against traditional automobiles, it begs the question: will the U.S. follow suit? What is the future of gas-powered vehicles in Salt Lake City, UT?

Europe is trying to lead the way

In early February, the United Kingdom announced a plan to place a ban on new gas-powered engines beginning in the year 2035. This statistic advances the nation’s previous hope to phase out gas vehicles by the year 2040. In working to eliminate gas-powered cars from the road, the U.K. becomes yet another European nation hoping to change the way its citizens drive.

France, meanwhile, has pledged to ban the sale of gas and diesel vehicles by 2040. Germany is mulling over a ban that would go into effect in 2030. The Netherlands has an aggressive 2025 timeline in mind. Even China is researching a practical timetable, as well. Those are just a handful of the countries jumping on the “ban gas” bandwagon.

The United States walks its own path

In recent years, as the rest of the world stepped up its climate change plans, the United States has continued to determine its own path forward. As a result, the fate of gas-powered vehicles in Salt Lake City, UT and the rest of the nation is relatively secure for the moment.

Last July, a spokesman for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated very clearly that there was no planned ban on gas-powered vehicles. Indeed, the EPA believes there isn’t any need for a ban similar to the ones being enacted in 13 other nations and counting.

Cleaner air, bigger economy

It seems like the EPA believes that an outright ban on fossil fuel vehicles would be disastrous for the economy, in addition to being unnecessary. According to EPA estimates, even as the United States’ economy has swelled by 300 percent since the 1980s, the country’s air quality has improved dramatically.

Federal legislation like the Clean Air Act has helped reduce emissions even as car manufacturers take it upon themselves to build more efficient gas-powered vehicles. The electric vehicle movement is just fine, but it still has a long way to go to change the way the United States gets around.

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