Why You Should Not Jump Start Your Car Yourself

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Why You Should Not Jump-Start Your Car Yourself

The process of jump-starting your car can be quick and easy, but there are many dangers involved, which is why a company like AMR Auto Repair & Towing is always worth having on speed dial.


You should always wear gloves when working with a car battery. It is also important to clean any corrosion off of the terminals and cables before you begin connecting them to each other. Moreover, you should not touch both the red and black jumper cables at the same time. This will ensure that you do not receive a shock. In addition, it is crucial for you to never work with wet skin or wet surfaces as these are more prone to electrocution. As a result, it is very important to make sure that you do not jump-start your car in the rain. If you’re worried for your safety, call an emergency roadside service to do it for you!

Electrical Components

While jump-starting a dead battery can save you a lot of hassle when you’re stuck, it can also be dangerous. If you jump start a car the wrong way, damage can occur to the batteries, car electronics, fuses and sensors. As NRMA technical trainer Darrin Tucker explains, more modern cars have a whole lot of electrical components, including computers. That means any voltage surge you get when hooking up the cables can fry these vital electronic systems. This can include computer control units, airbags, cruise controls, Bluetooth and many other features, all of which communicate on a shared data bus. A zap to just one computer can disable the entire system, stopping you from driving your vehicle and costing hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

Damage To The Batteries

Batteries are designed to last about three years before they need to be replaced, but you might want to take them in sooner if you’re regularly jumping-starting your car. This could be because your battery is getting older and has started to corrode, or your car has a weak alternator or starter. Jumpstarting a car is a good way to get it running again, but it can be dangerous to the battery. It’s always better to bring your vehicle to an AMR Auto Repair & Towing mechanic right away if you notice the battery is not holding a charge after jump-starting it. Contact us today.

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