Innovations in Towing

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The towing industry is probably not the first that comes to mind when you think about advances in technology and innovation. The truth is there really have been great advances and innovations in towing services in the last few years. These innovations help service providers better access customers and provide services that, in the long run, keep our roadways safe and free from vehicles that shouldn’t be there. This quick guide from AMR Auto Repair & Towing will highlight a few innovations in towing.

Payment Systems

This is probably one of the advances of technology in towing that has most benefited individual customers. When you have more payment options, it makes it easier to get the services you need faster. Towing services are in a big way linked with roadway safety. It is often towing services that get vehicles out of the roadways where they might pose a threat to other vehicles. Getting payments processed quickly and efficiently means these vehicles can move more quickly too.


Using advanced scheduling technology has made it easier for tow service owners to work with their teams to distribute work and get business done more efficiently. When team members are all connected through smart devices, schedules can be quickly accessed and adjusted as needed. This helps the company ensure that towing professionals are always available to help drivers in the community.

Location Tracking and Routes

With GPS technology, tow truck operators can get to their jobs quickly and safely. This technology can also help drivers create efficient routes that ultimately help save on fuel costs. This is also a safety feature for drivers as dispatch and management can also track where tow vehicles are at any time to ensure that their drivers are safe.


One great way that towing services are using advances in technology is when it comes to marketing. Today, tow services can get their brand out in front of many more people through the use of digital marketing and social media marketing.

High-Def Cameras

To increase the safety of drivers, high-def cameras are now installed in many tow trucks. These cameras help ensure that drivers are safe, that interactions with customers are properly documented, and that services are provided properly. This can come in very handy if a customer claims that things happened to their vehicle while in the care of the tow service. This camera footage could help tow service operators avoid costly liabilities claims.

Better Documentation

Documenting everything that was done to a vehicle while in the care of the tow service is essential for insurance purposes and also to help mechanics know what needs to be done to the vehicle. Today, tow truck drivers can relay information almost immediately concerning any vehicle they are dealing with. This information can be relayed to the tow service dispatch, the auto shop the vehicle is headed to, or even the insurance company. Contact us today to learn more!

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