How Are Tow Costs Calculated?

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No one wants to get their car towed, but the truth is it does happen. If you need towing services, it is good if you already have an idea of how towing costs are calculated. This knowledge can help ensure you get the best deal from the towing service you choose. This quick guide will help to answer the question of how are tow costs calculated. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is the Average Cost To Tow a Car?

Getting a good understanding of what the average cost is will help you comparatively shop for towing services when you need them.

In the long run, the cost of having your car towed will really depend on how far you need it moved. The national average for towing a car is about $110. This will obviously vary depending on where you live and how far you need the vehicle towed.

A lot goes into determining the ultimate price of the tow. For instance, towing at night, during bad weather, on a weekend, during a holiday, and even the terrain that the truck must go through can all impact the price you wind up paying.

Another factor that greatly affects towing prices will be fuel prices. Fuel is a huge part of tow services overhead, so when fuel prices go up, you can expect towing prices to go up as well.

Whether your vehicle was involved in an accident can also affect towing costs as well. Towing a car that is just broken down is very different from removing a vehicle from an accident scene.

How Are Tow Prices Broken Down?

So, when you need towing service, it is helpful to understand how the towing prices are broken down.

Hook-up fee – The hook-up fee can be considered the base price you are being charged. This is the fee to come to your vehicle and hook it up.

Per-mile fee – Next, there will be a per-mile fee. This is where prices can really vary depending on how far you need the vehicle moved. Per-mile fees can range between $2.50- $5.00 per mile. However, keep in mind that the current fuel cost can greatly influence this in your area. It is always a good idea to ask for a breakdown of your costs once you have explained where you need the vehicle towed to.

Does Insurance Cover Towing?

That all depends on your insurance company. Car insurance companies are not required to cover towing expenses. In many cases, this is a benefit that they provide. You will need to read your policy carefully or call your insurance company to verify if they cover these expenses. Some insurance policies will reimburse you for towing expenses, so you will need to pay upfront first.

Even if your insurance provides roadside assistance, you will want to check the details to see what limits may apply so that you will know exactly how much the cost of a tow will be. 

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