What Is Heavy Duty Towing?

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What is heavy duty towing? It is specially designed for commercial or bigger vehicles such as semi-trucks, etc. This is not your everyday tow truck. Heavy-duty tow trucks have certain tools and equipment needed for towing larger vehicles. It is important to know exactly the purpose they serve in the event you ever need one.

Heavy Duty Towing 101

Heavy-duty tow trucks are designed for larger vehicles such as commercial and semi-trucks. If one truck needs to be brought from one location to the next, a heavy-duty tow truck will do the trick. These types of tow trucks are not to be confused with regular tow trucks designed to tow your average everyday vehicle. These are tow trucks that need experienced and well-trained professionals to operate them. Professionals must use certain approaches to remain safe when dealing with these tow trucks.

Heavy-duty trucks come in handy when massive machinery and equipment need to be transferred following an accident or for just simple transport. Boats, garbage trucks, semi-trucks, buses, and RV trailers are just some of the vehicle types that qualify for heavy-duty towing.

Another thing to remember when using a heavy-duty tow truck is that it has the ability to pull more than 20,000 pounds. But, this has a lot to do with the type of heavy-duty tow truck handling the job.

Furthermore, heavy-duty towing is deemed safe only when done by a trained professional with experience. If you have towing service needs, you should conduct the necessary investigation to find a qualified company.

Heavy-Duty Towing Risks

As with anything, risks come with heavy-duty towing. This process can be dangerous if it is not properly done. Some risks related to heavy-duty towing involve:

  • Flat tires – This is a big risk with heavy-duty towing and can happen if the truck is transporting an extremely heavy vehicle. This additional weight can put a lot of tension on the tires, which can cause them to go flat. But, when the right tools and equipment are used, this type of risk rarely happens.
  • Falling wreckage – This can happen during the transportation of a heavy vehicle as well. Wreckage can come right off of the vehicle and cause destruction to property and even harm innocent people nearby.
  • Accidents – Of course, accidents can occur during the transportation of heavy-duty vehicles if this process is not done the right way. Accidents can happen if the driver is not trained correctly or following the necessary safety guidelines.

The best way to avoid these risks is by ensuring that the tow truck driver has the training and experience. Anyone that is not actively assisting should not be near the tow truck. Additionally, all safety guidelines should be followed.

Depending on the size and how much the vehicle weighs, a heavy-duty tow truck may or may not be for you. But, just by hiring a reliable company, you can feel confident in knowing that your vehicle will be transported safely.

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