Heavy Duty Towing: What You Need To Know

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You’re probably familiar with regular towing services if you own a vehicle. However, heavy-duty towing might be less known to you. Here’s what to know about a heavy-duty tow and when you might need it for your vehicle.  

What Is Heavy-Duty Towing?

The term "heavy-duty towing" refers to the movement of large commercial vehicles that outweigh standard towing trucks. It also pertains to vehicles that need additional services like winching and heavy lifting. An example of a qualifying situation is when a vehicle falls into a lake.

Heavy-duty towing services are usually required for vehicles that weigh more than 10,000-15,000 pounds. Examples of common commercial vehicles that fit the bill for heavy-duty towing are motor homes, tractors, trailers, boom trucks, and buses.

Such vehicles will need to be towed by another large vehicle with the weight capacity to haul them. Regular tow trucks cannot move these vehicles and would likely break down or snap vital components if a driver tried. Typically, towers should not attempt to move a vehicle that weighs more than 1,000 pounds over the limit.  

Is My Vehicle Too Big To Be Towed?

Regular passenger vehicles typically are not too heavy to be towed. The vehicles that qualify for heavy-duty tows are safe for movement unless they weigh more than 80,000 pounds. Even then, you can still get help. Some towing companies have expensive HD vehicles with monstrous towing capacities, which you’ll need if your vehicle is enormously heavy. 

What To Look for in a Heavy-Duty Towing Company

When searching for a reliable towing company, you will need to seek the following qualities:


Experience is one of the most crucial elements to look for in a towing service provider. "Years of service" means that you can trust the abilities of the provider in question. It’s wise to seek a company with at least ten years of continuous experience. 

Positive Feedback

Checking the consumer reviews for a prospective company will help you determine their service quality. Read the commentary and view the star rating as well. That information will indicate whether the services are reputable and the provider is timely and knowledgeable. A star rating of three or more stars out of five is acceptable. Six out of ten stars are also acceptable. 

Special Options

Check for additional service menu options, such as long-distance towing. You might have access to discounted rates for high-mileage trips. Also, search for a provider that offers prompt or 24-hour towing. Breakdowns never wait for a convenient time to strike, and you shouldn’t expect them to. 

Excellent Customer Service 

The customer service you receive during an emergency is one of the best qualifying factors for choosing a towing company. Consumer reviews will give you some details about the company’s standards and ethics. You’ll also get a feel for their service level when you call to ask questions. 

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