Things To Know About Light Duty and Heavy Duty Towing

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Choosing the right tow truck and services is crucial to saving money and getting your vehicle to the intended destination safely and quickly. Here’s some information about heavy duty towing and light-duty towing and what they might mean if you ever have a breakdown or issue. 

What Does Light-Duty Towing Mean?

You might assume that light-duty towing refers to the vehicle that needs towing and how heavy it is. While that concept is somewhat true, the term has more to do with the towing vehicle and its abilities.

Light-duty towing is typically reserved for towing vehicles that can handle up to 17,000 pounds. The "duties" performed by such a vehicle include abandoned car removals, repair facility tows, roadside rescues, and private property removals for cars illegally parked in front of businesses. 

Major Differences Between Light Duty and Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-duty towing differs from light-duty towing regarding weight classifications, tasks, and features. Heavy-duty towing vehicles can sometimes handle massive weights of up to 80,000 pounds. They also come equipped with special tools and features to handle unique situations.

For example, a heavy-duty towing vehicle might have a 25-ton boom lift. It might also come with a winch to get a large vehicle out of a tricky situation. Several-ton wheel lifts are equally common in heavy-duty machines. 

Both light-duty and heavy-duty tow vehicles are capable of going long distances. However, you’ll need to find out if the company you choose for the job offers long-distance towing. Some providers only make local trips with a limitation on the mileage, while others offer distant tows with special pricing. The rates might be hourly, per mile, or per project. 

How To Know Which Service You Need

You can use several factors to determine which service you need. The type of vehicle you own will be the biggest indicator of the appropriate tow type. A tractor-trailer or bus will automatically need a heavy-duty tow. However, you will also need a heavy-duty job if your truck or car is stuck in water, mud, or a ditch.

The most helpful course of action is to have the details of your vehicle ready to give to the prospective towing company when you talk to them. Ask them about the weight capacity of their towing vehicles and whether they have additional tools and features for special cases.

Provide clear details about your vehicle and the current issues you’re having with it. You may also want to inquire about their hours of operation to see if you can get service during inconvenient hours. 

Who To Contact for Assistance

AMR Auto Repair & Towing has the experience and equipment to tend to your towing needs. The company has been in the auto business for over 20 years, providing a generous menu of driver assistance services. The experts there offer everything you need in a quality towing company: promptness, friendliness, fairness, and the tools to handle any vehicular emergency. Reach out to them for roadside assistance when you need it the most.    

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