When Should You Tow Your Car and When Is It Safe to Drive to the Shop?

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Automobiles are reliable for the most part, but they have issues occasionally. You may come across a time when your vehicle breaks down, and you might wonder, "Should I get my car towed?" The following text will help you understand whether you can continue to drive until you get your vehicle to a mechanic or contact someone to have your vehicle towed.

Common Car Problems When Driving

An array of unexpected issues can arise while you’re driving. The most common problem is tire blowouts or flats, which tend to surprise drivers. Sometimes, timing belts and chains wear while an individual is on the road. In other cases, vehicles overheat, and the driver must pull to the side of the road to avoid engine damage. Other issues such as smoking, sputtering, and transmissions slipping also occur. 

When Is It Safe To Continue Driving?

You might ask, "Is my car safe to drive?" if you ever encounter a situation where you experience a breakdown. Generally, a car is safe to drive if you manage the issue well. For example, it would be safe to drive if you blew a tire and then placed a donut on your rim. The donut will keep your car stable enough to get you to the nearest auto repair shop for inspection.

You can also operate a car with a slow leak once you’ve filled it back up with the necessary fluid. You’ll have to keep an eye on it to ensure that the leak isn’t horrible. Furthermore, you should put your hazard lights on if you feel as though the vehicle could be dangerous in any way. 

When Shouldn’t You Drive?

You should never continue to drive if your car overheats more than once or you can’t solve the issue that makes it overheat. You risk blowing vital engine components if you run a high temperature by continuing to drive. You should also avoid driving a vehicle that has a leaking wheel. Most newer cars have TPMS sensors that show the driver when a tire is losing air. The light may turn on abruptly if you run over a nail while on the road. Have your car towed if you cannot install the donut, or have someone else put it on for you. 

What To Do if Your Auto Breaks Down

If your car breaks down, the first thing to do is get it to a safe place. The roadside is the best option if you aren’t close to a business’s parking lot. Ensure that the area is well lit, lock your doors, and contact your roadside assistance provider. Try to contact a 24-hour towing company if you cannot reach your roadside assistance provider. Have someone look at your vehicle and then request a tow if your helper can’t solve the problem with you.  

You should now be able to decide if anything happens to your vehicle. Use the guides from above to determine what to do should you have any issues with your car. 

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