Potential Pothole Problems for Your Car

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One of the most common problems that many drivers encounter is potholes on roads. Hitting a pothole is serious because it can cause severe damage to your vehicle, and car damage from potholes is widespread during the spring months. On average, an American driver pays about $300 annually to fix vehicle damage caused by potholes. 

It is important to know what can happen when a car hits a pothole to be more careful on the road. Here is a list of the potential pothole problems that can cause serious damage and need immediate repair:


If your car hits a pothole, your tires will probably be affected first. Potholes can tear the sidewall, break the tires’ interior structure, or both. If your tires are overinflated, there is a high risk of structural damage. Also, if you have a late-model car, it might be equipped with low-profile tires that often sustain severe damage from hitting potholes. 


Wheels are also often damaged by potholes. They may crack, bend, and break easily. Repairing a damaged wheel is quite hard and costs a lot of money. Also, alloy wheels are more fragile, and that is why they are so expensive. While regular wheels cost between $20 and $400, the average price of an alloy wheel is $500. 


When the wheel of your car hits a pothole, it is subject to both horizontal and vertical forces. If the horizontal force is strong enough, the steering linkage and suspension parts will get damaged, while wheels might get knocked out of alignment. If the wheels are not aligned, driving becomes uncomfortable and dangerous, and the tires wear quickly. 

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers are usually seriously affected by potholes. Due to extensive driving on bad roads, they wear out quickly. There are always certain signs indicating that shock absorbers are not working properly. One of the most common symptoms is oil leaking from an absorber. To check whether your shock absorbers are in good condition, you need to push down a few times on a corner of your car and let go when the vehicle is at its lowest point. If you see your car bouncing, you probably need to change the shock absorber. 

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