How Does Long-Distance Towing Work?

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When you’re on a road trip and your car breaks down 100 miles away from the nearest town, what do you do?

You call around to local garages for quotes, but none of them can come out immediately. They all tell you they’ll have to tow it back to their garage first thing in the morning… But is that really a good idea? Your car is out in the middle of nowhere, with no one around to help. You’d be nuts to leave it there all night!

So, what can you do? Well, you could call for long-distance towing and let them come out to you. Read on to learn more about how this process works.

What is long-distance towing?

Long-distance towing involves transporting a disabled vehicle over long distances. Usually, when you need long-distance towing, it’s because your car has broken down somewhere on a highway or away from an urban area, and needs to be brought back into the nearest town immediately.

Why people use long-distance towing services

One of the most important reasons why people use long-distance towing services is to get their car back into a garage quickly when it’s not near a city. Without towing, you’d have to leave your car where it is overnight. However, that means you’re putting yourself at risk of being the victim of a crime. Leaving your car on the side of the road also means you may find yourself under-insured should anything happen to it while it’s unattended.

Long-distance towing services shepherd your car back to a garage and take care of all the necessary procedures, to mitigate the risk of leaving it far away and unattended.

How long-distance towing works

This type of towing is typically performed by experienced professionals who are familiar with all of the necessary procedures when going the distance, so to speak. These professionals have the skills and equipment required to tow a vehicle a great distance.

Long-distance towing services mainly use hooks and straps to secure the vehicle to a flatbed truck, instead of jacking it up as a tow-behind. They also keep your car level during transport by placing blocks under its tires, which means you can be towed back much faster than if it were lifted with a crane.

The other great thing about working with long-distance towing services is that these professionals know all of the local laws and regulations around towing vehicles. This means they’re less likely to be stopped when towing through different jurisdictions. It’s a straight shot back to the garage!

What to do when you need long-distance towing services

The next time you need long-distance towing, use an experienced professional who’s well equipped to not only come out to you where and when you need them, but to ensure your vehicle is taken care of appropriately.

The next time you’re broken down and need long-distance towing info, call the team at AMR Auto Repair & Towing. We’ll be out in a flash to get you and your vehicle back to safety, no matter how far you might be from home.

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