Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter

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Winter is already upon us. While you’re getting ready for the holidays, don’t neglect your car or truck. There’s plenty to do when it comes to winter preparations for your car or truck.

Let’s look at our leading tips on how to prepare your vehicle for winter.

Winter tires

You might figure that your all-weather tires are just fine. While they’ll serve you well enough in most instances, winter tires really can make all the difference in dicey situations. That’s because they provide additional traction during inclement weather—no matter if it’s snow, slush, ice or heavy winds.

Make sure that you’re using four matched tires. You don’t want to mix winter tires with your existing tires. Once spring rolls around, then have your all-weather tires reinstalled.

Test the car battery

Your car’s battery has a limited life cycle. You don’t want to wait to the end of that life cycle and leave yourself stranded. You can easily check the battery’s condition along with the entire charging system via a computerized test. This will look for adequate voltage, along with internal resistance and conductance, to provide a picture of the battery’s overall health. It will also make sure that your starter and alternator are in good shape.

Bring your car to a trusted mechanic

Preventative car maintenance is always a wise idea but especially so during the winter. Your mechanic will check the battery, brakes, lights, fuses and anything else that could go wrong. They’ll also check the heating and cooling systems, belts, hoses and electrical systems. This way, you’ll identify any problems before you hit the road for the holidays.

Get an emergency kit together

This is a good idea to have in your car all year round, but it’s even more important during the winter. Pack some warm blankets, an extra cell phone charger, a first aid kit, drinking water and food. Be prepared so that if your car does break down, you’ll be able to wait it out without being too uncomfortable.

Use winter wiper blades

Have you ever noticed that your average windshield wiper blades don’t deal well with snow and ice? Winter wiper blades solve the problem. They won’t miss big portions of precipitation or streak it across the glass. A rubber boot encases the blade, meaning that ice and snow won’t stick or pack. This makes for superior visibility and safer winter driving.

Keep it clear

It’s legally required in most states to keep your vehicle clear of snow and ice. While you might be tempted to clear just enough space to see out of, it’s an unsafe practice. This snow and ice may fly off your car and hit another vehicle, creating dangerous driving conditions. Not to mention that you’ll have less than optimal vision.

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