How to Determine if It’s Worth Repairing Your Car

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Is your old car worth repairing, or are you better off cutting the check for a new ride? It’s a common question for many drivers, and the answer depends greatly on your individual situation.

Read on to get a basic understanding of the situations when a car is not worth repairing.

The cost of repairs exceeds the value of the car

Are car repairs always worth the cost? A lot depends on the value of your car. If you’ve visited your local mechanic and received an estimate for repairs that comes close to the resale value of your car, it’s usually not worth it to make the repair. Always check the Kelley Blue Book value to get an up-to-date estimate for your car, and compare it to the repair estimate.

Keep in mind, though, that repairing a car is usually cheaper than buying a new one. Try to figure out what your new car payment will be—if you’re struggling to pay for the repair, you might also struggle to keep up with new car payments. Weigh your options carefully before you make your decision.

The car has a long service history

You know your car best, so only you can determine if your car has a bad track record when it comes to repairs. If it seems like you’re taking your car in more often for increasingly serious repairs, it’s a good indication of a situation in which a car is not worth repairing.

If you feel a repair may extend the lifespan of your vehicle for a year or even longer, it’s usually worth it to invest in the repair. Take into account what you’ve invested in the car. If previous repairs have included major components like the transmission or engine, that’s one less bill you’ll be facing in the future, indicating it may be wise to invest in a minor repair rather than purchasing a new car.

Are the repairs a DIY job, or do they require professional assistance?

Certain repairs can be done yourself, even without mechanical training. There are several simple repairs that handy people can do on their own, including changing oil, spark plugs or batteries, replacing wiper blades, air filters or headlights and more. If you have some basic mechanical knowledge, you may even be able to change the brake pads on your car yourself. More intensive jobs like engine or transmission replacement typically require an expert’s touch. Whatever repairs you can do yourself will save you money, but it’s always better to visit a mechanic so you’ll have peace of mind in a job done right, every time.

Are car repairs always worth the cost? As discussed above, it all depends on your situation, especially the condition of your vehicle and what type of repair is needed. The experts at AMR Auto Repair & Towing can help you make an informed choice regarding any type of car repair, helping you make a decision that fits your budget. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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