When Should You Tip a Tow Truck Driver?

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Tipping at a restaurant is the standard practice in America. In fact, anyone who doesn’t tip their server is seen as a rude customer. But are you supposed to tip a tow truck driver? And if so, how much are you supposed to tip AAA? Since calling tow trucks isn’t as common as dining out, many drivers don’t know the answers to these questions.

Customers aren’t required to tip their tow truck drivers. However, it’s always appreciated. Keep reading to learn more about circumstances in which you might want to consider giving your tow truck driver a few extra bucks.

Did the driver go above and beyond?

The first thing to think about is whether or not the driver exceeded your expectations. If the driver went above and beyond to make your experience as easy as possible, you should give them a tip.

We consider going above and beyond as doing things like taking a look under the hood to diagnose the issue or calling to give you an update on their location if they’re running late.

Was your vehicle hard to locate?

Another thing to consider is your vehicle’s location. If your car broke down on a dirt road or somewhere way out in the country, giving the driver a tip is a kind gesture. This is because the driver had to take extra time to find your car, and your vehicle may be harder to tow if it’s on a narrow country road.

Was the service speedy?

Don’t forget to take into account how long you waited for the service when asking yourself, “Is tipping tow truck drivers required?” If the tow truck arrived as fast as possible and you hardly waited at all, we recommend giving your driver a nice tip.

How much should you tip a driver?

Now, here’s the big question: “How much are you supposed to tip AAA?” The answer is, it depends. Customers typically tip five dollars for small jobs and ten bucks for larger ones. Of course, more money is always welcomed. A $20 tip is considered an extremely generous tip in the towing industry.

Other things you could do

We know many customers only carry debit or credit cards these days. If you’d like to tip your driver but don’t have any cash, you should consider giving them a five-star rating online or ask for their business card to recommend to friends.

Either of these gestures can lead to more business for the tow truck company, which is sometimes better than a cash tip.

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