How to Prevent Getting Scammed by Towing Services

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Most tow truck companies do their best to provide fast service with honest pricing. Unfortunately, there are some bad actors out there who will overcharge for their services when you’re in a tough spot and need a tow or roadside assistance.

The good news is that avoiding these predatory towing companies is rather easy. Continue reading to learn how to stop letting tow truck services overcharge and scam you:

  • Read online reviews: We know you want to get a tow as fast as possible, but be sure to read reviews before you call the first towing company you find online. Websites like Yelp provide reviews for all sorts of businesses—only hire a towing service if they have multiple four- or five-star reviews from former clients.
  • Avoid cash-only companies: You may find some cash-only towing services out there. Even if they provide lower quotes than other companies, we don’t recommend working with them. More often than not, cash-only companies are running an illegitimate operation. Plus, you’ll have an easier time disputing the charge if you use a credit card for the tow.
  • Choose your body shop: Another way to stop letting tow truck services overcharge is ensuring you can choose your own repair shop before hiring the towing company. Sketchy companies may force you to use their repair shop after the tow, which is bound to be more expensive than other body shops. Remember, you have the right to choose where your vehicle goes after it’s towed.

What to do if you’ve already been scammed

Even if you follow our tips on how to avoid being taken advantage of by roadside towing services, there’s no way to guarantee that you won’t get scammed. Here are your options if you accidentally hire a less-than-reputable company:

  • Check local ordinances: If you feel like a towing company just ripped you off, your first step should be looking up local ordinances regarding towing. You’ll have the option to contact the authorities or even file a lawsuit if the towing service did break any local laws.
  • Dispute the charge: Some towing ordinances require fees to be “reasonable” per other local towing companies. If the towing cost seems unreasonably high, you may be able to dispute the charge with the towing service or with your credit card company (assuming you used a card).
  • Speak to an attorney: Your final option is to consult an attorney. Keep in mind that the cost of your tow might not be worth hiring a lawyer. But there’s no harm in learning more about your rights and the possibility of taking the towing service to small claims court.

Always choose us when you need a tow

The best tip we haven’t mentioned about how to avoid being taken advantage of by roadside towing services is to call our team. At AMR Auto Repair & Towing, we’re committed to providing reliable towing services at fair prices. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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