How to Tow a Lowered Car

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There are plenty of car owners who lower their vehicles for aesthetic purposes, especially owners of classic cars or sports cars. However, should you ever run into a situation in which you need to have your lowered vehicle towed, it’s understandable to be nervous about the body of the vehicle getting damaged, since it’s so close to the ground. It is more likely that a lowered vehicle will get scraped or scratched at the bumpers or undercarriage when being towed.

The good news is that there are some steps you can take to ensure the towing happens safely. Here’s a quick overview of how to tow a low car in Salt Lake City, UT.

Remove bumpers

If you’re concerned about the bumpers getting dragged across the ground, you can always remove them. The good news is that this can easily be done with simple tools—even just a screwdriver in many cases. Put the bumpers in the trunk of the car or in another safe location so they do not get lost or damaged in transit. In many cases, this will be sufficient to prevent any damage to your vehicle body.

Use a proper ramp

When loading a car with a lowered body on to a trailer or tow truck in Salt Lake City, UT, you should make sure you use the correct ramp for the job. Shorter ramps with higher angles are more likely to result in undercarriage and bumper damage. Instead, use a long, low ramp that minimizes the angle of approach and also the potential for damage to the vehicle’s lowered body.

Use a flatbed tow

Towing companies will typically have several types of trucks in their fleet, and may favor specific types of trucks based on personal preference and the kind of work they’re doing. If your car has a lowered body, you can ask the towing company if they have a flatbed trump. This will reduce the amount of lift that will need to occur for your car to get on the truck, which means it will also lower the chance you will sustain damage to your wheels or rear bumper. This is because your vehicle will be transported on the truck itself, rather than being towed behind it.

Talk to the towing company

Make sure when you call the towing professionals that you alert them to the fact that your car has a lowered body so they can bring the proper equipment, and also send a towing professional who has experience in working with lowered cars. This is a good practice to consider when it comes to any unique characteristics of your vehicle—give the towers a heads up regarding what they can expect when they arrive on the scene so there are no surprises and they’re fully prepared to safely handle the job.

These are just a few of the strategies you can employ to keep your vehicle safe when it’s being towed. For more information about the best and safest ways to go about towing a lowered car in Salt Lake City, UT, we encourage you to contact AMR Auto Repair & Towing today.

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