How to Tell if Your Car’s Electrical System Is Failing

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Requiring auto repair for anything having to do with your car’s electrical system can be intimidating. The alternator, battery and other electrical components control so much of the functionality of your car, and interpreting the signs that something in the electrical systems of your car requires repair can be confusing. If you live in Salt Lake City, UT and think you might need auto repair, here are some signs that your car’s electrical system might be at fault.

Engine won’t start properly

If your engine will simply not crank properly, chances are you have a bad battery, alternator or some other electrical problem requiring auto repair. If you hear clicking when you turn the key in your car, that’s a sign that there is not enough current flow in your electrical system to start the engine. In this case, you may have a bad battery or starter. If you hear a grinding noise when trying to turn on your car’s engine, you may also have a bad starter or the problem could be a faulty flywheel ring gear.

Battery problems

If you’re having issues with your battery, be sure to check the rest of your car’s electrical systems before replacing the battery. Most car batteries last about five years in Salt Lake City, UT. They don’t last forever, but if you have a relatively new battery and you’ve checked for signs of corrosion on your cables and ensured they’re fitted properly, you might have an issue with your alternator or other power systems, rather than with your battery itself.

Light issues

Your car’s headlights, brake lights, turn signals and other lights are controlled by your car’s electrical system. If you notice that various lights are starting to dim, there’s a chance that your car’s electrical system is malfunctioning. Dimming lights can be an indicator of charging malfunctions or low system voltage caused by a dying battery, loose wires or a malfunctioning alternator belt. Corrosion could also be an issue. Don’t let this problem go unaddressed just because it doesn’t keep you from driving like a dead battery—your car’s lights keep you safe on the road, and you want to know you can count on them.

Fuses repeatedly blowing out

Sometimes your car may blow a fuse for no real reason, but if you have fuses blowing out repeatedly, this can be a sign of an electrical problem. If your car is blowing through fuses, don’t wait to get it checked out by a professional in Salt Lake City, UT. If you don’t get an electrical fault or short-circuiting issue fixed quickly, it can end up causing more damage.

Burning plastic smell

If you are experiencing any of these issues and also smell burning plastic, you should stop driving immediately. In combination, these signs leave little doubt that your car has an electrical malfunction or a short circuit.

If you have noticed any of these signs or suspect that your car requires auto repair to address an electrical issue, make an appointment with the experts at AMR Auto Repair & Towing in Salt Lake City, UT today.

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