What Is Black Ice? Here’s How to Spot It

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During the winter months, there are a lot of factors that can make driving more dangerous. One of the most common concerns on the road is black ice, but a lot of people don’t know much about what this is or how to identify it.

So, what is black ice in Salt Lake City, UT? Keep reading to learn more about black ice and find out how to keep yourself safe on the road during the wintertime.

What is black ice?

Before learning how to identify and avoid black ice on the road, it’s helpful to understand what black ice is. Many Salt Lake City, UT drivers wonder, “What is black ice?” Black ice is a type of ice that forms on dark surfaces, like asphalt pavement. Because it forms on dark surfaces, it is often unnoticeable and can go undetected by drivers. Hitting a patch of black ice can quickly lead to an accident that sends a car careening off the road, so it’s very important to be aware of the threat of black ice and how to avoid it.

How to identify black ice

Knowing how to spot black ice in Salt Lake City, UT can make it a lot easier to stay safe on the road. While black ice is notoriously difficult to identify, it is possible to spot black ice on the road with careful observation. Black ice most commonly forms at the bottoms of hills, on bridges, on overpasses and in other places where water tends to pool. It’s also common for black ice to form on roads that are shaded from direct sunlight.

When driving in areas where black ice is more likely to form, keep an eye out and pay special attention to signs of its presence. During the day, black ice will usually appear shinier than the rest of the pavement. In the evening, patches of black ice will appear darker and duller than the rest of the road. Pay special attention to these visual indicators to make sure you can spot black ice right away and avoid a dangerous situation.

If you find yourself in an encounter with black ice while driving, stay as calm as possible. Lift your foot off the gas and the brake pedal completely, and don’t try to steer out of it. Hold the steering wheel and make small corrections, but don’t pull against the direction of the vehicle on black ice. Believe it or not, doing as little as possible is ultimately the best way to get past the black ice and regain control of your vehicle.

Roadside assistance and towing services

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