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Communicating about maintenance with your mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT is an important aspect of your vehicle’s care. It’s crucial to communicate clearly and avoid saying the wrong thing. Following are a few of the top phrases you should never use when scheduling vehicle maintenance.

“Take as long as you need.”

A busy shop has to prioritize orders. If you tell the maintenance mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT that it doesn’t matter when you get your car back, they will give priority to other vehicles. Be flexible so that the mechanic does not feel rushed and can take the time required to do the job right, but give the shop a specific time frame and see if that is feasible. Then work with them from there to establish when the job will be completed.

“I’ll buy my own parts and bring them in.”

Mechanics must ensure they use the appropriate part for your vehicle. For liability reasons, they should not allow you to bring in your own parts. While you may be able to find a part at a cheaper price somewhere else, the workshop must cover other expenses, and may include that in their pricing. Plus, they will also make sure the replacement part is a quality component and is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which you might not get if you buy parts on your own.

“Just do whatever is needed.”

This is a broad statement that can result in a significant bill when you pick up your vehicle. Often, there are several things your car may “need,” but you might not be prepared to pay for them all at once, and some of them can wait. When scheduling vehicle maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT, be specific about what you would like done to your vehicle.

If you just need an oil change, let the mechanic know that. If you are concerned about a potential problem with the vehicle, go over that specifically and ask the mechanic to check out that issue. Be sure to also ask the mechanic to call you to get approval before making any additional repairs they would recommend after looking at your car.

“I Googled the problem. You need to…”

Doing research on your own to learn more about your vehicle can be helpful, but you shouldn’t assume you know as much as the mechanic after watching a few YouTube videos. Remember, if you could do the repair yourself, you wouldn’t be taking it to a mechanic for maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT. Work with a mechanic you trust, so you can confidently take your vehicle to the shop and know it will be taken care of by a knowledgeable professional.

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