Your Spring Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

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The temperatures are rising, which means that it’s time to conduct your spring car maintenance. April is the perfect time to take care of your vehicle maintenance and any necessary repairs so it’s ready to hit the road all spring and summer long. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of spring car maintenance tips and repair for our customers in Salt Lake City, UT—if you find that your car needs a little extra attention after the long winter, call the team at AMR Auto Repair & Towing for help today:

  • Change your oil and filter: If you’ve been slacking on your oil changes, this is the perfect time to get it done. Your oil and filter should be changed according to your car manufacturer’s recommendations. This is because the older your oil is and the longer it circulates through your engine, the more dirt and debris it accumulates. That dirt and debris can damage your engine and set you up for costly repairs.
  • Check your tire pressure and tread: Temperature changes between winter and spring can cause your tires to lose up to a pound of pressure per square inch, so spring is a great time to make sure that the pressure is still within the recommended range. If your pressure is low, top it off to the recommended level. While you’re checking the pressure, look at the tread and make sure it’s not worn down to unsafe levels.
  • Test your battery: Haven’t driven the car in a while? Be sure to have your car battery tested, and replace it if necessary. Cold temperatures can deplete its charge and make it less effective.
  • Clean, test and replace your lights: This is a great time to deep clean winter grime and road salt off your light covers and the interiors of your lights, and to replace any worn-out bulbs. Cloudy or foggy lights can be cleaned off with water, baking soda and a soft toothbrush.
  • Check your wiper fluid and blades: Finally, be sure to check your wiper fluid and windshield wiper blades—you know what they say about April showers. Prepare for the rainy season by ensuring that your wiper blades can stand up to the task, and top off or replace the wiper fluid as necessary. It’s a quick fix that will pay off in spades.

Need help performing these maintenance tasks? Our team is happy to help service your vehicle.

Get spring car maintenance tips and repair in Salt Lake City, UT

AMR Auto Repair & Towing is pleased to offer vehicle maintenance, repair and towing services to the Salt Lake City Area. Since 2001, we have offered roadside assistance within a 300-mile radius and roadside and shop repairs to handle all of your car or truck’s issues. Wherever you are and whatever the problem may be, our experienced team can help you get back on track. Reach out to us today to learn more, ask for assistance or get a quote. We look forward to assisting you soon!

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