What to Do When Someone Uses Your Driveway

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Having an off-street parking spot is a major luxury if you live in a busy area—just ask anyone who doesn’t have one! But that driveway parking spot isn’t very helpful if other drivers use your spot or park in a way that obstructs access to your driveway. This post will teach you about towing from a driveway in Salt Lake City, UT and how to deal with those rude vehicle owners:

  • Confront the guilty party: Ideally, you’ll be able to catch the person in the act of parking in or in front of your driveway. Though it may be awkward, this is your best opportunity to tell them to move their car! Try being polite when you confront the driver, as this is less likely to escalate the issue.
  • Leave a note: The odds that you actually see the driver are fairly low, so your next step is to leave a note under their windshield wiper, letting the driver know that they’re parking in your place. Keep in mind that a politely-worded note, as opposed to a rude one, can go a long way in preventing any future parking problems.
  • Call the cops: If you need the unauthorized vehicle out of your spot right away, we recommend calling local authorities using the non-emergency number (not 911). The cops will contact us, and we’ll be able to handle the towing from a driveway in Salt Lake City, UT. Never, under any circumstances, call a towing company directly without getting the police involved. Doing so actually runs the risk of landing you in some hot water.

How to stop people from parking in your driveway

If you’re unlucky, you may have to deal with unauthorized parkers time and time again. These are some of the steps you can take to nip the problem in the bud:

  • Post a no parking sign: Putting up a no parking sign should make drivers think twice before pulling into your driveway. Just be sure that the sign is clearly visible from the street. These signs can be purchased online for less than $20 and can save you a world of trouble when you’re trying to leave for work each morning.
  • Set up surveillance cameras: If dealing with annoying drivers is a daily occurrence, installing some surveillance cameras is well worth the money. Your new cameras will capture the license plate number and identity of any violators, making it easy for the cops to track them down if necessary. On top of installing the cameras, post another sign that says the area is under 24/7 surveillance.
  • Install a gate: Your last line of defense in stopping rogue parkers is to install a gate or some other barrier in front of your driveway. A gate can be a substantial investment, but it’s sure to solve your parking woes once and for all.

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