Understanding Towing Liability in Salt Lake City, UT: What to Do if a Tow Truck Driver Damages Your Car

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If you’ve had your car towed recently, only to find out that it was damaged during the tow, you’re likely feeling upset and outraged. The fact is, not all towing companies are created equal, and when you’re in an emergency situation, you might feel compelled to settle for whomever is available. Unfortunately, sometimes this results in damage to your bumper, tires and even your windshield, necessitating costly repairs. Can you file a claim against a towing company for your tow-damaged vehicle in Salt Lake City, UT?

Generally, yes. A towing company is required to use reasonable care in the course of its duties. If they don’t use the same standard of care that a normal tow truck driver would use, they can be liable for negligence.

Damage incurred during towing

When damage occurs during a tow, it’s usually due to a driver not securing the car properly. If the car is not positioned well, the bumper can be damaged or even torn off. Scratches, misalignment, deflated tires and cracked windshields are also possible, should they drive carelessly.

In one case, a driver was found negligent because they allowed the towed car to encroach on another lane, causing a collision. In others, the driver didn’t use appropriate lights and warnings.

Damage incurred at the tow yard

Damage incurred at the tow yard usually involves the company either breaching their contract (depending on whether you signed one) or acting with negligence. Again, they must exercise a reasonable standard of care when moving and storing your vehicle. In practice, this is most often a security concern. Naturally, a yard full of cars is a prime target for thieves, especially if they think they can go through people’s belongings and take what appears to be valuable.

Towing companies should have adequate lighting, security personnel and alarms, depending on the condition and location of the tow yard. If it’s foreseeable that your car might be tempting to thieves (whether because valuables were left in plain sight or otherwise), the company needs to take reasonable care to prevent a theft.

If your car has been towed and was returned damaged or with items missing, you should document the damage with as much physical evidence (like photos) as possible. That way, whether you file suit or an insurance claim, you’ll have proof that the car underwent damage solely due to the towing company.

Get tow truck services

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