A Must-Do Checklist for Auto Repair Before Winter in Salt Lake City, UT

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It might seem like winter is still far away, but it can easily sneak up on us if we’re not prepared. Before Jack Frost comes knocking at your door to visit for the season, you should complete a few key auto repair items. This winter auto repair in Salt Lake City, UT will prep your vehicle for the harsh weather of the season and help you avoid hassles and additional costs.

Following is your checklist for auto repair before winter in Salt Lake City, UT. For additional information about any of these items, don’t hesitate to contact your local experts at AMR Auto Repair & Towing:

  • Wiper blades: Your windshield wipers will need to be fresh to handle the snow and sleet of the season. Replace the blades at least twice each year, in the fall and spring. Don’t forget to check your fluid level, too. Make sure you have a full supply of windshield washer fluid, and check the system for leaks or blockages.
  • Lights: Winter is a dark time—literally. Make sure all your exterior lights are functioning properly. This includes headlights, emergency flashers, brake lights, tail lights and turn signals. Replace any dead bulbs or broken glass to make sure your car is fully visible to other drivers on the road this winter.
  • Tires: In some cases, you may want to switch your tires for snow tires. Will you be traveling in extreme conditions or driving a lot this winter? If so, you might want to consider winter tires. Even if you don’t, you should make sure your current tires still have plenty of tread to keep you safely on the road for the season.
  • Battery: Harsh temperatures are hard on batteries. You don’t want to be stranded in freezing weather. Ask a technician to test your battery in late fall to make sure it still has a proper charge. Also watch for corrosion on the battery connections and terminals. If this is present, clean it and treat it to keep your battery running strong for the winter.
  • Belts and hoses: These components are susceptible to cracks and leaks, especially in cold temperatures. Make sure everything is solid for the season. Replace belts and hoses at the first sign of wear and tear, as minor deterioration can quickly become major.
  • Antifreeze: This important substance prevents freezing and corrosion. Do you have plenty to get you through the winter? Stock up on it before the cold weather hits to make sure you keep your car full of this fluid for the season.

Call for Backup

Is it too late for auto repair before winter in Salt Lake City, UT? If you find yourself stranded in the cold, AMR Auto Repair & Towing will be there to assist you. We provide clean and courteous service, specializing in towing, heavy-duty towing, private impounding, lockouts and jump starts. Our mobile mechanics are available 24 hours a day for emergency service. Reach out to us any time with questions about auto repair service in Salt Lake City, UT or for backup assistance whenever you need it.

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