Easily Avoidable Auto Accidents

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Sadly, there are many avoidable auto accidents that occur just because people fail to use their turn signal. Local law enforcement encourages everyone to use their turn signal, because it keeps you and others on the road safe, keeps you legal and obeying the law and improves manners while driving. It only takes a second to flip on your turn signal, and it eliminates much frustration on the road. Many failures to use the turn signal result in accidents, and even the need to call a towing service in Salt Lake City, UT. Read on to learn more about this device and how it prevents accidents.

Safety features equipped in your vehicle

Many drivers want to know their car is safe and equipped with many safety features that will protect them while on the road, but many of these same drivers fail to use one of the most important safety features provided in every car: their turn signal. Drivers who operate a car without turn signals are encouraged to use hand signals to indicate turns, but even many drivers who do have vehicles equipped with working turn signals fail to use them.

Endangering yourself and other drivers

It takes almost no effort to use a turn signal, yet still many drivers choose to endanger themselves and others on the road by failing to use the turn signal. One study of the use of turn signals in 2012 indicated that many vehicle crashes are caused by failure to use turn signals when they should have been used. In fact, there are so many PSAs and so much attention drawn to the dangers of distracted driving, but even more accidents have been caused by not using a turn signal than by driving while distracted.

Many accidents can occur due to not using a turn signal. For example, if a vehicle waiting to turn in front of traffic doesn’t use a turn signal to show other drivers his or her intention, they could cause a bad T-bone accident. Plus, when cars change lanes, other drivers need to be made aware to avoid serious accidents. Using turn signals will not only make other drivers aware of your actions, but will help you be more attentive to your own.

Indiana State Police viral PSA

To raise awareness of the importance of using turn signals, Indiana State Police Sergeant John Perrine made a satirical video lamenting the failure of drivers to use turn signals. The video has been viewed more than 14 million times. It explains how to use turn signals and shows why not using them is dangerous. Listen to the police sergeant and many other law enforcement professionals: stop rushing around frustrated, and use your turn signal!

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