Things You Should Never Say to a Mechanic

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When it comes to your car, it can be difficult to let go of control and let a mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT do the work. Your car is an important possession, and you may not understand all the workings as well as you’d like to.

It’s best to find a mechanic you can trust so you can let go of the reigns and let them get the job done the way it needs to be done. Whatever you do, be sure to avoid saying these things to your mechanic.

“I’m going to watch you work on my car.”

Regardless of whether you have nothing to do or want to watch, your mechanic needs to be able to concentrate without fielding the questions that you’re likely going to ask. This no-no is often followed by suggestions such as, “Shouldn’t you be doing…” or “Why don’t you just…” which can be frustrating, since your mechanic is an expert.

Sometimes, the best way to let the mechanic do their job is to step away from sight and let go of needing to control the situation.

“I brought my own parts.”

You may think bringing your own aftermarket parts will save you money, but there’s too much liability to thrust an unknown-quality part at your mechanic and let them put it on.

Mechanics in Salt Lake City, UT know where to get quality parts that they trust. They know that if something goes wrong in the job, you’ll come to them, whether or not it’s the fault of the part or the labor. A good mechanic will take costs into consideration and get trusted, quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts that will make things affordable for you while still maintaining quality.

“Use the cheapest parts you can,” or “All I care about is price.”

Mechanics care about the quality of the job they’re doing and want to fix your car in a way that lasts. Using cheap, aftermarket parts is a gamble, as is going for the cheapest mechanic.

Price is an important issue, but you want to consider the reputation of the mechanic and the reviews of a part, as well. Asking your mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT to come down on price is asking them to cut corners where they don’t feel comfortable doing so. Their prices are set so they can provide quality services.

“Take your time; I’m in no hurry.”

A good mechanic will take you at your word. They likely have many other customers waiting, and many of them will have stated that they’re in a hurry. If you tell them to take their time, they’ll likely put you at the end of the line. Instead, tell them to use quality parts and take the time the job needs.

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