Spring Ahead in Car Maintenance

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The spring season is here, which means that it’s time to start enjoying sunny road trips in and around the great Mountain West. Unfortunately, unpredictable weather often accompanies springtime, which means that you have to ensure that your car is in tip-top shape before embarking on any journeys.

There are a number of maintenance items that you may let slide during the wintertime. If you have plans for any fun activities throughout the spring season, however, you need to get on top of your car’s maintenance needs sooner rather than later.

Every car is different, and your vehicle’s needs will differ depending on its age, make and model. To fully understand the type of maintenance that you should invest in for your vehicle, you should consult with a qualified mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT.

Here are just some of the spring maintenance tasks that you should consider performing for your vehicle:

  • Wash and wax: Road salt can cause a serious amount of damage to your car, especially if it’s left to sit there for extended periods of time. You should wash and wax your car as soon as the snow melts. Be sure to visit a car wash center that specializes in cleaning the undercarriage of vehicles.
  • Fluid change: There are few things more important to the health of your car than ensuring that it’s using clean, fresh fluids. You should have the oil changed periodically, as well as the brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and power steering fluid. All of these are necessary changes you’ll have to invest in.
  • Wiper change: Over time, your windshield wipers may lose some of their bite. This means that you should plan to invest in new windshield wipers before the rainy spring season begins. Changing your windshield wipers will ensure that you continue to have great visibility while you’re out on the road.
  • Tire change: Did you put special winter tires on your car for the cold season? If so, you should change them now that it’s spring. Winter tires are great at grabbing extra traction in the snow and ice, but in the summer and spring, they can actually reduce your car’s fuel economy, making it less efficient and costing you more in increasingly frequent trips to the gas station.
  • Air filter replacement: You should replace the air filters for both your engine and your cabin during the spring. The engine air filter protects the car’s internal workings from dust and debris, but it can become clogged, which may cause your engine to overwork and overheat. The cabin air filter, meanwhile, protects you from pollen and other allergens that are present in the springtime.

Since 2001, AMR Auto Repair & Towing has been a premier mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT. We provide complete and comprehensive mechanical services to each and every one of our clients. We’re capable of performing routine maintenance, full-scale repairs and so much more. Reach out to one of our friendly, highly qualified mechanical experts today to learn more about ways that we can help you prepare your vehicle for the spring season.

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