From Towing to On the Road Again: Info from a Mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT

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If your car broke down while you were out on the road and needed to be towed, or if you were in an accident and could not drive your vehicle away from the scene, you might have been wondering what steps you would need to go through to get your vehicle back on the road again. Most people who have their vehicle break down or get involved in a collision have never had that happen to them before, meaning they can become stressed out or confused after the tow truck takes their vehicle away to a mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT.

As a company that provides towing and auto repair services, it is our goal to take the stress and trauma out of the experience as much as possible for you so you can keep your stress levels low. Here is some information about what you can expect to happen after your vehicle gets towed away.

Choosing an auto repair shop and moving on

When the towing company arrives at the scene, it will have a site to which it will automatically take your vehicle, unless you specify an auto repair shop. It is beneficial to choose an auto repair shop you know is approved by your insurance company, because this will save you quite a bit of time and potentially some money. Otherwise, you’ll need to have your vehicle transferred again to an insurance-approved repair facility and body shop, so you may as well make that decision now—it’ll allow you to get your car back sooner in the long run.

Why is it so important to work with an insurance-approved shop? For one thing, you’ll be able to avoid having to fill out a lot of extra paperwork that your insurance company would require from you. In addition, insurance companies will require approved shops to have guaranteed workmanship, so you can expect the standards of work quality to be higher at these approved locations. If you use an insurance-recommended auto repair shop, you may also benefit from a reduction in your deductible, depending on the policy you have.

Once your vehicle arrives at the body shop, the mechanics will provide you with an initial estimate for the work that needs to be done with the vehicle. The shop can work directly with the insurance company to handle any additional costs that come up during the course of the repairs, so you don’t need to make upfront payments for other items that might arise and wait to be reimbursed for those payments later on.

While your vehicle is getting repaired, you will also need to arrange for alternative transportation. You may have another car you can use. Otherwise, depending on your insurance policy, you may have rental car coverage for this type of situation.

For more information about what happens after your vehicle breaks down and the steps you need to take before you get your vehicle back and out on the road, contact a mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT at AMR Auto Repair & Towing today.

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