Tips for Better Roadside Assistance

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There are few things more frustrating or frightening than finding yourself stranded out on the open road. Even the newest, most well-maintained cars can experience mechanical issues that could leave you stuck. Thankfully, roadside assistance in Salt Lake City, UT is never too far away.

Roadside assistance professionals can help you navigate a variety of potential challenges, ranging from locking your keys inside your car to providing you with a tow and lift to the nearest repair garage. Roadside assistance professionals are always trying to provide you with prompt service so that you can get back en route to your destination as quickly and effectively as possible.

There are a few things that you can do that will make a roadside emergency less perilous, and reduce the likelihood of one occurring at all. Here are just a few steps that you can take to minimize your next roadside emergency:

  • Prepare your vehicle: Cars that haven’t been maintained according to the manufacturer’s suggested schedule are much more likely to break down or experience a roadside emergency. Stay on top of oil and other fluid changes, and have your car regularly inspected during routine maintenance appointments. Additionally, ensure that your tires are properly inflated at all times.
  • Pack an emergency kit: While roadside assistance in Salt Lake City, UT is usually quite prompt, you should always prepare to be stuck in your vehicle for an extended period of time, just in case. Pack an emergency kit that includes blankets, one gallon of water per person and flares. Consider bringing other items, like a cell phone battery charger, jumper cables and a first aid kit.
  • Set up flares or triangles: Setting up flares and triangles around your vehicle will help your roadside assistance technician find you more easily. Additionally, flares and triangles will also let other vehicles on the road see where you are, and reduce your risk of being involved in a collision.
  • Call for help: Once you find yourself stuck or stranded, it’s time to call for help. Your insurance may cover roadside assistance, so it’s worth calling them to check. If they don’t cover roadside assistance, there’s a chance that you carry a travel credit card with free roadside assistance as a perk.
  • Stay in your car: Unless you think your vehicle isn’t safe, crack the windows and stay inside. If, for whatever reason, you don’t think it’s wise to stay inside your vehicle, stay as close to it as possible so that you’re easy to find when the roadside assistance professional arrives.

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