Common Transmission Issues That Can Cause Vehicle Breakdowns

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There are a variety of issues in your vehicle that could cause it to break down, but few are as serious as transmission problems. As soon as you notice signs of transmission problems in your vehicle, you should take the necessary steps to get them resolved. Transmission issues can cause your entire engine block and transmission to seize and fail, which could leave you stranded on the side of the road with no other option but to call for towing in Salt Lake City, UT.

With this in mind, here are just a few examples of some signs that could indicate you need to get in touch with a professional to get your transmission repaired:

  • Problems when you try to shift gears: Because your vehicle’s gears are a crucial part of your transmission, you should definitely be concerned if you start to have problems with shifting the gears. You may notice the vehicle falling out of gear while you’re driving, gears shifting for no apparent reason, a jerking or lurching feeling as you shift gears or some hesitation on the vehicle’s end when you put it into gear.
  • Grinding noises: If you start to hear a grinding sound coming from the vehicle as you change gears (with a manual transmission vehicle), this should be a major red flag. It is likely an issue with your clutch being worn out, so you should get the vehicle checked out as soon as possible so you can guarantee it will be safe to operate.
  • Other strange sounds: Strange sounds in general are issues you’re not going to want to experience in a vehicle, so if you start to hear excessive whining, buzzing or clunking coming from your vehicle, even while you’re in neutral, this is an issue you should have checked out as soon as possible. It could be a sign that you’re having some transmission problems, or it could be a sign of other issues with your vehicle, but in either case you’ll want to get the issue resolved as soon as you can.
  • Fluid leaks: If you see red transmission fluid on the ground where you typically park your vehicle, you should take your car to get checked out at an auto repair shop as soon as possible. If you continue to let the transmission fluid leak, this could result in some serious damage to your transmission and your vehicle as a whole.
  • Burning smells: If you smell the transmission fluid burning while you are driving or when you exit the vehicle, this could be a sign that your transmission is going bad.
  • Cloudy fluid: If you look at your transmission fluid and notice it becoming dark, opaque or cloudy, this is a sign that you’re having transmission problems. Healthy transmission fluid should be a bright, vivid red or pink color.

For more information about dealing with your transmission issues, or for help with towing in Salt Lake City, UT, reach out to the team at AMR Auto Repair & Towing today.

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