Winter’s Common Auto Electrical Problems

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Most people are used to coping with the harsh reality of winter weather. We all know how to bundle up on a cold day, dress in layers and watch for black ice. But we’re often so mired in our own coping methods that we ignore the toll this weather takes on our cars.

Unfortunately, your car can’t wear layers or protect against the cold, and this can lead to electrical issues that might have you searching for a mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT. Two main problems that can occur because of low temperatures are cars that won’t start and car batteries that die. Read on for more tips on what to do if these electrical problems pop up.

The car that won’t start

If your car is slow to start or won’t start right away, you can follow this process. First, turn off any of the car’s accessories that use battery power. This would include any lights, the radio, the heater and the wipers. Once that’s ready, turn the key in the ignition and hold it, but only for 20 seconds at the most. You don’t want to keep trying to start the car over and over again, as this can cause bigger problems. If this process doesn’t work, you’ll need to jump-start the car.

You can also try to protect against this issue with a few techniques. One is to make sure that you do turn off all those battery-sucking accessories before you turn off the car completely. The other is to buy a few inexpensive tools to keep your car better protected at night. One is a battery blanket, which insulates your battery while you’re away. The other is a block heater, which runs on electricity and provides warmth for your engine and oil.

Dead battery

Car batteries work even harder during low temperatures, because they need more energy to support typical driving. If your battery does die, you’ll need to jump-start the car, which will require you to have jumper cables and another vehicle. It’s also useful to have a local garage or a roadside assistance company in your phone in case you’re stranded without someone to jump you.

To protect against dead batteries, you can take a few precautions. First, make sure you replace your battery every three to five years. Make sure to keep tabs on your battery life, and to look for any odd substances on battery cables. These could cause corrosion and are easily removed with a baking soda paste.

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