How to Avoid Costly Auto Repair in Salt Lake City, UT—Don’t Ignore These Car Noises!

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No one likes dealing with unforeseen auto issues. So, how can car owners avoid being caught off-guard with costly auto repair in Salt Lake City, UT? First, take care of your vehicle and practice regular/seasonal maintenance. Get the oil changed when the time comes to do so and get a wheel alignment on occasion, for example. Also important is to never ignore certain car noises. The following noises may be warnings of trouble on the horizon:

Brakes—Squealing, grinding, growling

Old cars are notorious for making all sorts of disconcerting noises, which often turn out to be due to age and not mechanical issues. However, if your vehicle has been functioning fine—particularly if it’s a newer vehicle—and all of a sudden starts making unusual sounds, take it to a mechanic.

A squealing noise could mean your brakes might be nearing the end and need to be replaced. Grinding and growling is cause for concern. It’s possible that the brake pads are so worn that metal is rubbing on metal.

Howling or whining

Hearing a howl or whine sound while in motion is a sign your bearings (tiny metal balls in place to help parts rotate) are no longer doing their job. Your front-wheel bearings are the problem when the sound changes during a left, right, left turn combination. A problem with the rear-wheel bearings on a front-wheel drive car presents as a gradually increasing, steady howl. If you hear a whine getting louder while you’re accelerating in a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the differential could be leaking fluid. Seek service ASAP!


If when driving at low speeds you hear a rattling sound coming from inside a wheel, but stops as you accelerate, the reason could be a lug nut inside a hub cap. The likely cause? Your wheel might not have been tightened properly during your last tire rotation. Ask your mechanic to retrieve the lug nut for you.

Hissing or sizzling

Noises like hissing and sizzling coming from the engine area should never, ever be ignored. These sounds may or may not be coupled with smoke or steam. Either way, the likely cause is engine fluids—power steering fluid, coolant or oil—leaking onto hot exhaust components. Not only is this a fire hazard, it could cause expensive or irreversible damage to engine parts.

Squealing at start-up

Do you hear squealing coming from underneath the hood when you start the car or accelerate? Squealing in this location could be due to worn or loose accessory belts, which drive the power steering pump, alternator, air conditioner compressor and others. In newer vehicles, the serpentine belt—which moves several accessories at the same time—should be checked. This is a fairly easy and affordable fix.

Steer clear of costly auto repair in Salt Lake City, UT by taking action immediately! If you hear strange or unusual noises coming from any location on your vehicle, contact the team of automotive professionals at AMR Auto Repair & Towing. We will check and inspect your car and do everything we can to diagnose the problem. Call us today!

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