How Are Private Impounds Regulated in Utah?

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If you’ve ever had your vehicle unexpectedly towed, you know how frustrating it can be. Whether you were parked in a tow zone for a matter of minutes or you simply didn’t see signage that indicated that a zone was restricted, you might wonder what recourse you have and who you can go to in order to file a complaint or ensure that you were treated fairly over the course of your car’s impounding. Thankfully, the Utah Department of Transportation has made multiple efforts to deliver as much information as possible about private impounds to drivers in an attempt to increase transparency with the public. Make sure you know about the regulations surrounding private impounds so that you know what to do if your car is removed by a towing service in Salt Lake City, UT.

The basics of impounding in Utah

According to the Utah Department of Transportation, the private towing company that impounds a vehicle has several responsibilities that it must uphold in order to operate in accordance with the law. First of all, the tow company must notify the local authorities of the impounded vehicle immediately once the vehicle has been brought to its lot or storage facility. They must provide a detailed account of when the vehicle was towed, where it was located, what kind of vehicle it was, why the vehicle was impounded and who initiated the impound process.

After informing the local authorities, the tow service must provide notice to the owner of the vehicle. Within two business days of the car being towed, the tow company must send a certified letter to the registered vehicle owner’s last known address. This letter must contain all of the relevant information, including the current location of the vehicle, the reason for it being impounded, when and where it was removed, who requested the impound and what kinds of fees the owner of the vehicle is responsible for paying.

As a consumer, you not only have the right to know the fees that you are being charged for an impounded vehicle, but also a right to dispute these charges by filing a complaint with the Utah Department of Transportation, the agency which oversees impound regulations. If your car was impounded by a towing service in Salt Lake City, UT on private property under the direction of a business owner, you may be charged a tow fee of up to $147, with a storage fee of up to $25 a day and an administrative fee of up to $31. If you are charged more than this, you can file a complaint alleging overcharging on the part of the tow company.

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