What You Can Do to Avoid Vehicle Towing in Salt Lake City, UT

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Many drivers have returned to their parking spot only to find that their car is being loaded onto the back of a tow truck. Having your car unexpectedly towed can ruin your entire day and force you to deal with the complicated and often costly process of trying to get your car back. To avoid dealing with the stress of getting towed, there are a few tips that you should follow:

  • Make sure your paperwork is in order: You might know that you can be towed if you are parked illegally, but you might not realize that you can also be subject to towing in Salt Lake City, UT if your license and registration are not current. If a police officer stops you and you have an outdated registration or driver’s license, they are able to tow your vehicle and have it impounded at their discretion.
  • Pay parking tickets on time: If you have outstanding parking tickets, you can be towed even if you are technically parked in a legal zone. Parking officials may have your vehicle booted, towed or both upon looking up your vehicle and finding delinquent parking tickets. Any time you get a parking ticket, make sure you pay it on time. Better yet, avoid tickets entirely by making sure that you always park legally.
  • Avoid tow zones: Even if you only need to park your car for a moment, there’s still a chance that you may be towed if you park in loading zones, zones that are designated for drivers and passengers with disabilities, no-park zones, tow-away zones or bus zones without authorization.
  • Read street signs: Most parking and no-parking zones will be marked with paint or signs that show designation. Parking signs are pretty straightforward and will usually say clearly whether parking is permitted, when you can park and for how long. Curb colors may be confusing, however, especially since there is no national standard. As a general rule, red curbs are no-park zones, yellow curbs are pickup or load zones, green curbs allow parking for a limited amount of time and blue curbs are reserved for vehicles with a disabled driver or passenger.
  • Contact a tow company for assistance: Parking your car on the street if it stops running or breaks down is usually not legal, and it may end up being impounded. To avoid this, it’s best to contact a company that provides towing in Salt Lake City, UT and can take your car to a mechanic or another location where you can park it legally until you know what you want to do with it.

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