What’s the Difference Between Municipal and Private Impounds?

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Nobody wants to walk outside to find that their car is missing. Unless it was stolen—which hopefully isn’t the case—it was most likely towed because you parked in the wrong space. Your car can either end up at a municipal impound or at a private impound. Keep reading to learn about the differences between the two from a towing service in Salt Lake City, UT:

  • Municipal impounds are operated by the local authorities: Your local government operates the municipal impound. When you have to pick your car up from a municipal lot, you speak with a government employee or a police officer in charge of towing your vehicle.
  • Municipal impounds tow you when you’re illegally parked: If you’re parked illegally on the street or in another public area, you’ll probably get towed to a municipal lot. Avoid parking in front of fire hydrants and other illegal zones, and you can avoid dealing with the local authorities!
  • Private impounds are owned by local businesses: Private impounds are owned and operated by small businesses. That means, when you pick your car up from our impound lot, you talk to one of our friendly team members. You don’t have to deal with a grumpy police officer or municipal impound lot employee.
  • Private impounds tow you off private property: A private impound is responsible for vehicles that have been towed from a private parking lot. A business owner can call a private tow company and have their car removed quickly and easily!
  • Private impounds are easier to deal with: Typically, everyone involved in a towing conflict has an easier time dealing with a private impound than a municipal impound. It usually takes longer to get your car out of a municipal impound, and the fees are typically more expensive.

Why choose AMR Auto Repair & Towing?

You have tons of options when you need a car towed from your private property. We may be a bit biased, but we firmly believe that we’re your best bet for towing in the area! Here’s why:

  • We’re fast: If there’s a car parked in your lot that shouldn’t be there, you need it to be removed as soon as possible. You can rest assured that one of our tow trucks will arrive at your property as soon as we can to remove the illegally parked vehicle.
  • We’re reliable: When you pick up the phone to call AMR Auto Repair & Towing to remove a car, you can count on us to actually take that car away. Our experienced professionals can safely tow that illegally parked vehicle away without causing a major disturbance in your lot.
  • We’re experienced: No other towing service in Salt Lake City, UT is more capable of taking care of your towing and repair needs than us. Whether you need a heavy-duty truck towed from the side of the road or a compact vehicle moved out of your parking lot, our experienced team members are right for the job. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles to handle all of your needs.

Don’t call anyone but AMR Auto Repair & Towing when you need a car or truck removed from your private property. In addition to towing vehicles of all sizes, our team can make all sorts of repairs. Get in touch today to learn more!

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