Get Your Car Winter-Ready with These Simple Tips

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The wintertime can be especially challenging for your vehicle. Even though today’s cars and trucks are designed to get through harsh, inclement weather such as ice, snow and sleet as well as possible, taking the right precautions and planning ahead can make a world of difference for the months ahead. Remember to work with a reputable mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT to help you with routine maintenance, winter preparation and much more.

Confirm your battery’s function

The colder it is outside, the more challenging it is for your battery to start and maintain a healthy level of power. To help it out, get the fluid, terminals and cables inspected so you can have confidence that your car will start, even on the coldest days.

While you’re at it, look the battery over to make sure you don’t see any cracks or breaks in the lines. If you can read the battery level, it’s a good idea to do so at this time. Some batteries today have a built-in hydrometer, while others require a handheld unit. You can also ask your reliable mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT to take a reading for you.

Check and replace tires

Check all four tires to see that they have adequate pressure and tread. Low air pressure or tires that look worn should be replaced now, because tire issues reduce traction and you could find yourself skidding out on wet roadways. You can pick up a portable tire pressure gauge that also pumps air into your tires, or take your car in to a mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT to have it thoroughly inspected.

For cars driving in particularly bad weather, a good set of snow tires might be just the ticket. Check your manufacturer’s manual to see if they recommend snow tires for your model. And if you live on back roads or drive through harsh conditions frequently, you can even look into studded tires. Keep in mind that winter tires do reduce fuel efficiency, so have them changed back to regular tires in a timely fashion once the weather breaks.

Put together an emergency kit

One of the most important preparatory tools you should have in your arsenal is a well-stocked emergency kit. It will help you stay safe in all types of weather, especially if you have trouble getting out of a snowy driveway or break down in freezing temperatures. Make sure to include blankets, warm clothing (coat, gloves and hat), kitty litter and a snow shovel (for getting traction and digging through snow), an ice scraper, extra coolant, snacks and bottled water.

Get maintenance on a regular basis

Find a trustworthy auto mechanic in Salt Lake City, UT and get on their calendar for regular inspections. Inspections should include a thorough going-over at least once a year, and as-needed maintenance such as changing fluids, inspecting or rotating tires and checking brakes.

Follow these tips and you’ll be ready for a safe winter with your vehicle. For more tips and maintenance assistance, call AMR Auto Repair & Towing today.

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