Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Towing Company in Salt Lake City, UT for Your Fleet

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If you manage company vehicles, then you know that regular maintenance is key to keeping your fleet vehicles operating correctly and avoiding a loss of business. It’s also how you avoid costly vehicle repairs, expensive vehicle replacement and needing to call a tow service all the time.

For those not familiar with fleet vehicles, here’s a quick overview. Fleet vehicles are motor vehicles that a company owns or leases for the purpose of operating their business. Government agencies and other types of organizations may also have fleet vehicles, but the key distinguishing characteristic of fleet vehicles is that they are not owned by individuals. Examples of fleet users include taxicab companies, car rental companies, public transit, police departments, cleaning crews, home repair businesses and public utility officials.

Is your business looking to partner with a towing company? Here are the top things to consider when choosing a towing company in Salt Lake City, UT for your fleet.

Reliable towing service

There are a few characteristics to look for in a reliable towing service, starting with making sure they own the right equipment to safely tow your specific types of vehicles out of any situation and handle all your towing needs—no matter if it’s a heavy or light tow job. The towing company must also be established, licensed, insured and bonded, and willing to provide references. Finally, some breakdowns may be emergency situations, in which case you want your towing partner to be ready to provide emergency service.

Know your fleet’s needs

Knowing the exact needs of your fleet vehicles can help you determine which tow company you should partner with. Let the potential company know how many vehicles you have, the types of vehicles they will be servicing and any additional important information about your fleet. Another huge piece of information to share is your fleet’s work radius. Does your fleet travel within one region or multiple areas? This lets them know how far out their tow trucks may need to go to provide service and gives you an idea of tow response time, thus better ensuring the safety of your employees.

Snag a solid contract

You may be interested in having a tow company on a monthly retainer, or prefer to pay per service incident. Find out the cost for service as needed versus the cost for having their fleet tow services on retainer, which is also likely to be based on the coverage area. Most of all, understand all aspects of the towing contract prior to signing, stay in touch and inform your towing partner of any changes to your business fleet.

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