Advantages of Securing Your Property by Pursuing Private Property Impounds

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Did you know that some towing companies offer a tow service you may not be familiar with, but could possibly benefit from? It’s called private property impounding, and this service is needed more often than you’d think. Let’s say you own a private residential or business property. Unfortunately, people who are not associated with you or your business might trespass with their vehicle, either intentionally or not. A tow service will remove a vehicle from your property and tow it back for impound.

Courtesy of a trustworthy tow truck service in Salt Lake City, UT, here’s a closer look at some of the advantages of securing your property by pursuing private property impounds.

Remove encroaching vehicles

It’s not unusual for cars to be parked illegally on private land or business properties. As mentioned, private property impounding occurs when a vehicle you do not own is towed from your property and sent to an official impound facility. Don’t feel bad calling a tow truck, even in cases where the vehicle is not actually blocking an entry point or taking up viable parking space. The fact of the matter is that they are encroaching on a property that is not theirs, and later you may need that space they are taking up.

Keep records to avoid responsibility

The owners of vehicles that are illegally parked on your property might be able to go after you for property damage. Beware that some such claims are scams. Protect yourself from damage and scam claims by calling for a private property impound tow.

To protect yourself from false allegations of damaging property, you want to being documenting the situation even before the towing company arrives. Take photos of the vehicle from all angles, the area surrounding it, while it’s going up on the tow truck and once it’s secured to the truck. Write down the vehicle’s license plate number, VIN number (if visible) and any other pertinent vehicle information.

Provide services to your customers or clients

A vehicle that is illegally parked in your business parking lot—regardless of how long it’s parked there—may be taking up space for your actual customers. If potential customers or current clients cannot park, you could lose their business. Additionally, an abandoned vehicle is unsightly and can be a put off for customers—especially when it has collected dirt, bird droppings and been sitting out in the elements.

Emergency vehicles can get through

Whether illegally parked or abandoned, a vehicle could be in the way of emergency vehicles that need to access your home or business. Cars parked in or across a route to your location or in a fire lane can hinder emergency crews’ ability to reach you, which is all the more reason not to feel bad about having a vehicle towed off your property.

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