My Car Has Been Impounded! What Do I Do?

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As you come out of the store, bags in hand, you press the trunk button on your keys expecting to hear that familiar beep, but instead you discover that your car is nowhere to be seen. You scan both sides of the street, but your car is definitely gone. In a panic, you make your way to the curb and then you see it: a no parking sign right above the empty spot where your car used to be.

Discovering that your car has been towed and impounded is an upsetting situation to be in. You may not know where your car was taken or how to get it back. Becoming overwhelmed by an unexpected towing in Salt Lake City, UT is understandable, but it won’t help you get your car back. So before you lose your cool, follow these few steps.

Eliminate the possibility of theft

When you realize your car is missing, your first conclusion may be to assume it was stolen. However, calling the police about a stolen car that was actually impounded can only add to the difficulty of your situation. Before you call the police, check your surroundings for possible parking violations:

  • Were you parked in front of a fire hydrant?
  • Is this area a no parking zone?
  • Was your car obstructing traffic, an alley or a driveway?
  • Do you have any other violations you have not resolved?

If the answer to any of the questions above is “yes,” chances are your car has been impounded. If you still find no evidence of a violation, it may be time to call the police and report your car as having been stolen.

Find out where your car is

Once you determine your car has been impounded, the next step is to find out where it’s been taken. A good place to start is by checking the signs in the area. No parking signs or two zone signs often provide information for the impound lot. If you aren’t finding the info posted, call the city office. The clerk can often look up where your car was taken. If they don’t find a record right away, you may have to wait a few hours for the information to be posted and call again.

Get your car back

Once you find out where your car has been taken, you can start the process of getting it back. You’ll want to call the lot ahead of time to confirm that they have your car, verify their pickup hours and determine what fees and paperwork are required to get your car back. Most lots will require proof of ownership, ID and sometimes proof of insurance. Fees may include tickets, a holding fee and a fee for the towing in Salt Lake City, UT.

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